We had a week of delicious food – Monday was maple & soy glazed steak with salad, Wednesday was Teriyaki tofu & chicken with bok choy & broccoli, Thursday was 5 bean soup at a friends, Saturday lunch was curry tofu with carmelized onions and dinner was kale & white bean soup, and Sunday was pot roast with sweet potatoes, wine and carrots.

I felt more productive this last week than I have in awhile, and I didn’t do a whole lot. Except plan a trip for Husband and I to ALASKA – yep! I am so excited, I can’t even contain myself. For those of you who know, we didn’t have a huge honeymoon – more of a long weekend vacation that included a 14 hour drive to Phoenix {not so relaxing}. While it was super fun experiencing a road trip together {seriously, no pun intended – the long drives Hubs and I have together are some of my favorite memories with him}, our trip didn’t scream “RELAX”, so we have been been in discussion of a real honeymoon since then.

I love being hot, and loathe being cold, which is why an Alaskan vacation is kind of funny to me, but I’ve always wanted to go. I went on one warm vacation when I was 14 to Cabo San Lucas, and had a blast, but I think I’m a little more adventurous than a leisurely trip to the beach. So, we have planned an Alaskan ADVENTURE package – 7 days of Alaskan adventures, with one day to rest, shop & eat. Sounds like my kind of trip!

If any of you have an tips as to what do, where to eat, how to spend and Alaskan adventure, PLEASE let us know!


Enjoy your Monday!

*Image via Michele Cornelius,

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