Beautiful Things

Okay, so I have to admit: I’ve been absolutely horrendous about keeping up my Beautiful Things posts for Fridays. You know how it is, life just gets in the way sometimes, or if you’re like me, you often forget to snap a photo in the moment. So this week, I don’t have a picture for everyday of the week. I have a bunch of pictures {I’ll only post a few} of one really beautiful moment that was so special to me.

I have long dreamed of having a farm, and as husband consistently discouraged that dream, it went from being a farm, to just having land with a few animals. A few chickens, a goat or two and maybe some horses. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Anyways, I did some research and convinced husband to go with me to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary – an animal sanctuary that rescues farm animals from slaughter or other abuse.

Being the die-hard animal lover that I am, it’s pretty needless to say that I was in heaven for an hour and a half. And bless husbands heart, he agreed not only to go, but also to drive the hour and a half east to get there, then back. He knew I would love it, so it wasn’t so bad for him.

Here are some snapshots of our little trip:

This sweet cows name is Beatrice. Beatrice was born at the sanctuary and has never had to suffer.
This sweet blind cows name is Pierre. He has a best friend who leads him around. They are always touching.


Okay, so besides dogs, goats are absolute favorite animal.

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