Remember when I said 2013 is going to be the best year yet {well, not those words exactly}? Well, I feel like it truly has been.

I have taken deep looks into my life and changed things that have needed changing for so long. One of those changes is to “simplify”. I have had a sign in my kitchen that reads “simplify” for a few years now, but have never really thought about what that meant. To me, it means a lot. Internally, it means getting rid of things that take times away from the ones you love. One of my first acts of simplifying that I did this year was deleting my Facebook. Oh gosh, did THAT feel good!


There are others ways to simplify, too. I figured, if I’m simplifying my life, I need my atmosphere to be simplified also. I am getting rid of tons of stuff in my home, from decorations to clothes.

Here is a link to my items for sale. Hope you like some of them and maybe even buy a few! {I will be adding more as the day goes by}



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