Marriage Mondays Part 5: Share

You’re probably thinking, “I already share everything – my home, my food, my stuff.” I don’t mean sharing something material. It’s so important to share interests. Or at least try to.

We both learned something new about each other in the last couple weeks. It’s funny how that happens when I think I know everything I possibly can about this man. A couple weekends ago, I went to my husband and asked him if he wanted to go downtown with me and take pictures. He loves photography and taking photos, so of course he was pretty excited. I love art of all kinds, but I have never thought I could take any good photographs, so I never really tried. But knowing that he loves it, I thought I could branch out and at least share something with him that is close to his heart. We actually ended up with some pretty awesome stuff. We also brought Molly for her first experience in the city.

Next time, she’s staying home.

Then, about a week later, something I definitely never thought would happen happened. Husband came to me and said, “I know you love yoga – I wouldn’t mind trying it out with you.” What?! Okay! So, bright and early the next Saturday morning, he joined me in a hot vinyasa flow yoga class at our fitness spa {yes, fitness spa. We’re lucky}.

And do you know what happened after that class? He went to another with me the next morning before church.

I think what makes these experiences even more special is that I didn’t ask him to try it with me – he asked me. He took an interest in my interest.

He didn’t ask me to take pictures with him, it was my idea. I took an interest in his interests. If we don’t try these new things, we may miss out and something we end up enjoying. Together.

Here are some pictures from our “InstaDate”, both mine and husbands photos.shareshare1share2share3




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