Curry Glazed Carrots with Tofu and Basmati Rice

I always love when someone ask me to cook something. Especially something that husband is a food snob about. There are few things that he doesn’t actually like {i.e. Thai peanut sauce & worcestershire sauce}, so when my boss asked me use the tofu she had in the fridge, I gladly obliged.

It’s obviously not my first go around with tofu, so I needed to do something creative. There were carrots in the fridge, and it’s a seldom thing that I cook with carrots. For some reason, those veggies are not a staple in my house {although, just about every other veggie is}.

Curry Glazed Carrots and Tofu 6

Everyone knows carrots are good for your eyes. Did you also know that because of their high beta-carotene content, they slow the aging of cells, which may help prevent the look of aging, also*. Not only that, but in a 10 year study conducted in the Netherlands, when vegetables were sorted by color, dark orange and yellow veggies were considered the most protective against cancer.**

Curry Glazed Carrots and Tofu 13

Get your carrots on!

| Curry Glazed Carrots with Tofu and Basmati Rice

1 package firm tofu in water

1/2 LB carrots, sliced 1/4 in. thick

4 TBS butter

1 TSP olive oil

1/2 TSP salt, plus a dash

1/2 TSP lemon pepper

1 1/2 TBS curry powder

2 TSP brown sugar

1 C Basmati Rice

Prepare tofu by letting as much water drain out as possible, then wrap it in several paper towels with a heavy object placed on top. Replace paper towels with fresh ones after about 1/2 hour, then let it sit an additional hour. Cube tofu, and dry fry it with a dash of salt on medium heat in a non stick pan, about 2-3 minutes on each side. Set aside.

Prepare Basmati rice according to package directions.

Meanwhile, set carrots in a pan and cover with water. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer, about medium heat. At 10 minutes, stick with a fork to see if the carrots are tender. If they are, drain and set aside. If not, continue cooking, checking every 5 minutes until tender.

In the same pan, melt the butter with oil. Bring to medium-low heat and add the lime juice, salt, lemon pepper, curry powder and brown sugar, continually stirring. When all of the spices are well mixed with the butter and lime juice, add the carrots, tossing to coat. Continue cooking until the sauce has reduced somewhat and sticks to the carrots.

Serve with rice as a base, then tofu, then curried carrots.

Curry Glazed Carrots and Tofu 11


*According to Care2 Make a Difference**According to The Worlds Healthiest Foods



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