Worthy Wednesdays Part 8: Don’t Apologize

Well, do, but when the time is right.

Do you find yourself always apologizing for the things you do? I don’t mean things you should actually apologize for, I’m talking about things that don’t require an apology; the things you’re comprised of. I feel like if I’m around people {especially ones I don’t know}, I’m constantly apologizing – for being too loud, not being funny enough, not saying the right things, not acting “cool” – all because I want those people to like me.

That’s pretty silly if you ask me.

God gave us all these traits for a reason. Sometimes I’m loud, but if you don’t like it, why should I try to pretend I’m not to force you to like me? Sometimes I’m a complete spaz, but Husband thinks I’m silly, and it makes for a very fun life. I wouldn’t change that or mask it to earn a fake friendship.

“Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who will love the person you hide.” – Unknown.

Can you imagine Dr. Seuss saying, “I’m sorry I’m so weird and that you don’t understand me.”?

Don't Apologize


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