For The Love of Eggs

On a lazy Saturday morning {only lazy because I didn’t do anything – not so lazy because my body woke me up at 5}, I looked outside and it was a bleak, cloudy morning, which I don’t mind in the least. On a day off, it compels you to bury yourself into a pile of cozy blankets with a piping hot mug of coffee. Which is exactly what I did. What better to top it off? My favorite breakfast.

Okay, so this by no means is some sort of a revolutionary post about some fancy-schmancy egg dish with White Alba Truffles and Red Iranian Saffron.


This is comfort. And ease.

For The Love of Eggs 14 For The Love of Eggs 13

Let’s talk about eggs for a minute, shall we? I am not a breakfast person so much, but when I have more than my allotted 2 cups of coffee, I never stray from fried eggs. Ever. Sometimes I’ll venture out of my shell and have oatmeal, but it literally makes me feel odd for the rest of the day, and throws off my eating patterns and, quite frankly, my entire psyche. Maybe it’s because I’m not a breakfast person, I’m sensitive to what I eat in the wee hours of the day. Maybe it’s because I’m not such a sweets person {only on rare, special occasion}. Who knows.

For The Love of Eggs 1

Anyways, eggs are just wonderful. I love them so. They fill me up, fuel me with protein and keep me satisfied until lunch. When I was little, I hated egg yolks, and if we were having fried eggs for breakfast, there could be absolutely no sogginess. Now that I’m older, I am beginning to appreciate the yellow liquid. And all that hoopla about them having high cholesterol and to stay away from the yolks? Read this, my friends.

For The Love of Eggs



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