Roasted Pepper & Avo Soup

Husband and I are part of this super-awesome, wildly fun marriage group with a bunch of people from our church. We get together, meet other awesome married couples and have a pot luck.  Usually everyone brings a side and the amazing hosts/leaders serve the main course.

We happened to have a meeting last Monday with the theme of Christmas – we had fun competing in Christmas trivia & song games, prizes and great conversation. I felt brave that day, so I decided to tackle a food I had never made. Whenever I make something like this {green and gooey, i.e. Pee Puree} I get nervous that it’s going to be too freaky for people and no one will eat it. But I felt confident about this one.

Turns out, people loved it! Chartreuse in color with underlying heat notes, this is a refreshing take on soup.


| Roasted Pepper & Avocado Soup

2 Green Bell Peppers

4 Anaheim Peppers

4 Cloves of Garlic

1 Red Onion, roughly chopped

3 TBS Olive Oil

2 TBS Chili Powder

2 TSP Cumin

1 TSP Cayenne Pepper

4 Avocados

28 oz canned Coconut Milk

1-2 C Water

1/2 – 1 TSP Salt

1/2 TSP Black Pepper

In a pan, cook the onions in a drizzle of olive oil on medium heat for about 8 minutes, or until unions begin to appear translucent. Remove the onions from the pan and into your crock pot, set on low. Turn your broiler on high.

Halve the Anaheim and bell peppers, removing the seeds and stem. In a large baking dish covered with foil, lay the peppers { inside facing down}, brushing or spraying with a little bit of oil. Place the peppers in the hot oven, keeping a close eye. The anaheim peppers will cook faster – everyone’s oven cooks differently, so just to be safe, check the peppers every 2-3 minutes. When they start to get covered with dark brown spots, they are done. Remove the peppers from the oven, place them in a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap.

Toss the garlic and the rest of the olive oil {2 TBS} in the slow cooker. Also add in 2 TBS Chili Powder, 2 TSP Cumin and a TSP Cayenne Pepper.

After the peppers have been covered for about 15 minutes, lay them out to let them cool. When they are cool enough to handle, start peeling the skins off. Put the peppers in the slow cooker. Leave it for 6 hours, occasionally stirring.

After, scoop at a time, puree the mixture. When the entire combination is smooth, add in halve of an avocado at a time, blending well after each one. Pour the liquid back into the crock pot and add the water {to whatever consistency you like – if one cup looks too thick, add more}, coconut milk, salt {to taste} and pepper, mixing well with a spoon. Cover again, and let sit for another hour, stirring occasionally.

Serve with Anaheim Relish {which is really just my pico de gallo recipe, but swapping out the jalapeno for an Anaheim pepper}.

Roasted Pepper and Avocado Soup 3



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