Pumpkin Seeds

Every year during this time, I buy a large pumpkin – not to carve, but to cook. I use every bit {except the skin & stem} of that pumpkin.

Pumpkin seeds are kind of a nostalgic thing for me, like a lot of people. I have always remembered my mom making those delicious pumpkin seeds, dressed simply with garlic salt. Pumpkin seeds have a long history of delivering loads of manganese, which helps your body properly use biotin {the nutrient which is thought to promote hair growth}, and contain a good amount of protein.

Now, we all know there are plenty of variations on pumpkin seeds, ranging from sweet to savory, but since I’m not such a sweet lover, savory definitely reigns in my book. I wanted to try something a little different than just garlic salt, however delicious they may be.

This year, I cooked my pumpkin seeds with salt, cayenne, and taco seasoning {amounts to your liking}.

On a spray oil-greased baking sheet, bake the dried, seasoned seeds at 325 for 20-25 minutes. Here is a link to create your own natural taco seasoning.

Holy pumpkin, these were delicious!



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