Puppy Love

Since I was 3 years old, I’ve always had at least one dog. Most of the time there were two, sometimes even 3. My parents bought my first dog, Girly, who was a Golden/Chow mix when I was 3. She was the best dog ever, and became a part of the family immediately.

Then, when I was about 7, they bought our second dog, John, who was a West Highland Terrier.

Then, when I was 16, we got Bills. He is a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix.

2 1/2 years later, Girly died of old age at 15. It was one of the hardest things to take, having had her since I could remember. So then, it was just John and Bills for the next 4 years. After Girly died, John was never the same. He turned into a grumpy old man who missed his best friend and fought Bills constantly. Thinking that Bills needed a playmate since John wouldn’t play, my parents bought their next dog, Sophie, a Bijon Frise mix.

Bills was content with his new best friend, but John was still sad. He just died 3 weeks ago from old age {and maybe a broken heart}, also.

Then I got married, and having lived my life with multiple dogs in the house at all times, I sort of freaked. Never having my own dog {per se} Husband and I discussed getting one since before we were married {Jason even told me he thought about getting me one for Christmas 2 years ago}. Circumstantially, we would come close to getting one, then something or another would prevent it.

Until Saturday. My family had never adopted a pet, but it was so important to me to get a rescue and not buy from a Breeder. Using search engines, I found coloradopuppy.org and they were having an adoption event close by. We went early {of course, because of how excited I was}. It was an amazing day and we left with our new little addition.

Meet Molly.

Since she was a rescue, they don’t know for sure what she is, but they listed her as an Alaskan Malamute Mix. Husband and I made our own educated guess that she was primarily Malamute and German Shepherd.

Let me know what you think {sorry she’s pretty much always sleeping in the pictures – it’s hard to get one of her awake because she’s so playful and bouncy}!

Needless to say, you will be seeing a lot more of Molly here. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!


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