Worthy Wednesdays Part 5: Blinding

A few weeks ago, Husband and I had a leisurely Saturday, and instead of playing video games or watching movies as usual, I suggested we did something new.

We found 70 random questions, answered them, and then guessed what the others’ answers were. We learned a few new things about each other.

One question that really stood out to me was, “Would you rather be blind or deaf?” I know that we have all at one point or another been asked this, and contemplated it on our own. We know it’s a hard question to answer, because most of us have never been either. My answer even surprised me.

I said I would rather be blind. Even with as much as I love art, and seeing the people I love, this was my theory:

If everyone in the world was blind, how much differently would we treat people? If you can’t see, you can’t judge someone based on their outward appearance. You would have to rely on knowing the person they are on the inside.

Would love be stronger, truer? Would people be more kind, not knowing what “fat”, “ugly”, “weird” even looks like?

These are things I ponder frequently, and so I decided to go at least 24 hours without looking at myself in the mirror. Sounds silly at first, but try it – it’s much harder than you think. Being free from the bindings of vanity, you will be forced to see what the real you has to offer – not what you look like but who you are. And then maybe we can see ourselves through different eyes.


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