Worthy Wednesdays Part 4: Outlets

I was talking to my friends sister-in-law on Monday night, whom is also an artist, and she was telling me how when her and her family were living in a family members basement for a short while, all of their things {including her art supplies} were in storage. She told me that not painting or using her creativity was a hard thing for her and that she literally went into a depression for a moment.

I could relate to that, and I think a lot of people could. Everyone has their own outlet – whether that be running, painting, journaling, etc. It’s whatever you do where you emotions can literally leave your body. When I paint, you can tell how I feel {usually}. When I’m mad, my paintings are dark and eerie, or when I’m happy, they are bright and abstract. Art is a place where people can tell how I feel and I don’t have to say anything – and often times I don’t.

Every concern, sorrow, and excitement are feelings that are there for a reason, we are just responsible for providing a release. If we don’t, these feelings fester and can turn into something more dangerous, like self-loathe or hatred towards others. The more you practice “letting it out”, the more you can learn that you are counseling yourself without words.

This week, try new things. I can already think of a few people who are saying, “Well, I don’t know what I would do that I would be good at.” Being “good” at something doesn’t matter – try everything. Draw, journal, sculpt clay, exercise, even craft. If you don’t try new things, you’ll never know the possibilities of activities you’ll enjoy.  Use your outlet.


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