Motorcycle Ride

The boys were here this week! Seriously, if you have kids, go hug them and pray you never have to say goodbye.

We got them on Tuesday and had a very full 4 days, and then their grandparents so kindly took them back for us yesterday at 6 am. With lots of tears from the boys later, they arrived safely in Tuscon around 11:30 pm their time.

Reminiscing on this past week, I think about all the things we are able to do with them and how lucky they are, and how lucky we are…

On Wednesday, the boys took their very first motorcycle ride with Papa! Boy, oh boy – if they continue to love it like they did, we are in for some big trouble!

Here are a few photos from their ride:

On Thursday night, their best friend spent the night & then the entire next day with us. They had so much fun playing & watching The Nightmare Before Christmas & The Corpse Bride, followed by a pot luck at our place to celebrate the boys {I made a new chili recipe}.

Also, we finally saw the highly anticipated Frankenweenie {you guys, I have been waiting to see this movie since the Spring time} – it was the perfect, rainy & cozy day for a Tim Burton movie! Then again, when is it not a perfect day for a Tim Burton movie?

One new thing we did, which may end up being a new tradition, is reading Bunnicula. We read the entire book, and I showed them a tiny white pumpkin and they were convinced that Bunnicula had come to our house in the night and sucked the juice out of an orange pumpkin and turned it white. My teacher did this little trick when I was about Jacob’s age, and I remember telling my mom and being so certain that it was true.

Anyways, we had lots of fun, but it went by much too quickly.

Enjoy time with your children!


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