The First Year

This Saturday, September 29th, was our first anniversary. It was magical.

We had a relaxing evening of cooking dinner together, sharing a bottle of red wine, having a slice of our year old cake {which surprisingly was pretty good!}, and watching a scary movie. This might sound boring to some people – no fancy restaurants, no big hoopla – but this is us. And that’s what it’s supposed to be about, right?

I love cooking {obviously}, and doing it together is a real treat. He was like my sou chef. At first he offered to cook, and I said sure, but after a bit of wrestling in my mind, I told him I was having trouble losing the creative control, so we decided to make it a team effort. So even though I had a control freak moment, is was a delight to work together.

Also, we are lovers of movies, the horror genre being our favorite. We watched Cabin in the Woods – I recommend it. Definitely not your average scary movie. I kept trying to guess what was going to happen, and he said, “I don’t understand why you want to figure it out so bad. Why don’t you just enjoy the movie?” But isn’t that the purpose of a thriller or murder mystery? Maybe I’m just the oddball.

On our wedding, we had a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling {Husband is so nice – he knew I wanted this for a wedding cake since I was a little girl and he let me have it, even though he hates cream cheese frosting} and the cutest little image on the cake that served as our “topper”. It was still delicious, despite it being a year old and still a little frozen after sitting out for over an hour.

Here are a few images from our wedding and from our one year. Boy, has the first year thrown us through a loop. But we’re only stronger because of it.

The cake a year ago.

A year later; a bit more droopy, but still delicious.

Anniversary Dinner: Spaghetti and red wine. And yes, we are eating it on our ottoman with a Transformers blanket to cover it. We still don’t have a table.

The Ceremony. Briarhurst Manor, Colorado Springs, CO.

The Kiss.

The First Dance.

I am so thankful I have him. He was the missing part that completed the whole picture. He makes every heartache I’ve ever had so much more than worth it. He is the calm to my occasionally erratic self. He is the comfort to my distress. He is my husband, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.


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