Hello, again, lovely home!

Many of you {or quite possibly none of you} may have been wondering why I didn’t post at all last week.

We moved. Shocker.

The funny part? We moved back into our old apartments, just two buildings over, in a larger floor plan – in the same building as our best friends! So, we didn’t get a house. But that’s okay, and I’m not at all sad about it! I actually feel a little relieved. We can continue to save money, and buy our dream home in a few years, rather than a home we are rushed into. AND we bought a king size bed – we both feel like kids in a candy store.

The boys come back home in just a little less than two weeks {and now they have their own rooms!}! Let me tell you, two months without those crazies is far too long. But I feel good – I feel like we have gotten over the hardest part and realize that even though physically we’re not with them, they will never be gone to us. And we talk/Skype to them a few times a week, which makes things much easier. But still, I can’t wait  to squeeze the goo out of those little boys. And, oh, the fun we will have when they arrive!

As I type this, I look around me at the ginormous mess of moving that is my home, and yet I feel so peaceful; so blessed. Blessed that God provides everything we need when we need it; blessed that we can purchase new things, and treat ourselves a little. It may sound silly to some, but a year ago, we wouldn’t have been able to imagine buying a new mattress for ourselves. Our priorities were different and our circumstances were different. I truly feel as if the Lord is giving us a break that we {particularly Husband} haven’t gotten in far too long. I feel like our marriage is already being renewed {we’ve been through more in a year than we feel like a lot of marriages have in ten years}, and we are finally able to relax. We’ve been wound so tight for the past – well, since we started dating.

So, tomorrow I will be back to my regular posts, but for now I am off to tackle this day and get our home in tip top shape – with help from my mother. Thank goodness.



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