A Man’s Meal

I honestly don’t know why I titled this post “A Man’s Meal”, because I love bacon as much {maybe even arguably more} than husband {a far cry from my vegetarian days when we first started dating}. But I am so excited about this recipe. The other day, I was watching Nigella Feasts and witnessed her create this delicious recipe. There were a few things I changed, though:

1. I did not use butter, hard boiled eggs {I did use two eggs in the meat}, Worcestershire sauce or breadcrumbs {I didn’t use any starch, actually}

2.I added minced garlic, finely chopped red bell pepper, olive oil, and a few extra spices {Paprika and Italian Seasoning}

3. For the meat, I used ground Angus and sugar cured bacon

Make these healthier swaps, and follow her instructions, and you will be amazed.

I also added bacon to the bottom, which she did not do.

Let me tell you, this one is a winner, and may even become a weekly indulgence.



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