I ate a whole Onion…

Yep, that’s right. On Friday night, the husband had to unexpectedly work late. Sad day. But I had prepared a delicious meal of grilled chicken in a Raspberry Vinaigrette marinade, salad, and grilled veggies {YUM}. I figured one onion would be enough…

By the time he got home, it was gone {not that he was too terribly upset – I believe my obsession for red onions is quite rare}. I just couldn’t help myself! From the sweet caramelization it had going on, to the unexpected crunch in the center – it was perfection. I just love my red onions.

You should totally check this website out – it has every health benefit for almost every food. Ever. This link shows the benefits of eating red onions; from the cancer preventing awesomeness of Allicin {an organic sulfur compound found in the weep-inducing veggie}, to the nutrition facts {onions provide 6 grams of protein!}, this website is a gem.

Trying my hand at a little Food Art…



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