This summer has already gone by so quickly. The boys will be going back to live with their biological mother in Arizona in just two weeks, and I am dreading it so. Husband and I made a promise that we would cram as many fun things for the two months that we have with them as humanly possible, no matter how tired we get.

And we are tired.

But on Saturday, we took them bowling for their first time! We went with the in-laws, and it was a blast. I hate bowling, and normally shudder at the thought of going, but after a little pep talk from hubs, I ended up having a great time. And more importantly, so did the boys.

Heartbreakers 🙂

Father-Son Moments ❤

Husband winning. Of course.

The shoes compliment my outfit, don’t you think?

Jacob is so much like his daddy. We used the bumpers for the children, but even with those, they did pretty awesome. Jacob got at least 8 pins every turn, but even that wasn’t good enough for him. Competitive-ness must be genetic.

After, we all went for an early dinner at Jimmy John’s, just being a family. I’m going to miss that.


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