Today was such a wonderful, impromptu day!

My mom planned on visiting me at our new digs, and then my dad called and said he was in the area, so we all gathered for a nice, unexpected lunch.

The Mama and I at lunch.

Some cute little Fishy Art lamps at the restaurant.

After our delicious little lunch at Thai Basil Noodle Cafe {delicious, by the way – you will be hearing about it later}, my mother and I strolled down Broadway, perusing antique and thrift shops.

Let me tell you, this could just happen to be a new hobby. I’ve been to Flossy McGrew’s before in high school to look for a homecoming dress, but haven’t been since. It was absolutely delightful! They had hoards of vintage pins & jewelry, racks of clothing that were organized by the decade, and other fascinating, retro trinkets. Filled to the brim, that store was.

Some sweet Taggage on the side of a vintage clothing store.

I bought a 1960’s yellow gingham sundress {which you will also see later} that had a little note pinned to it reading in an elaborate cursive, “I wore this dress in 1962 to the 9th grade party”, 2 vintage hankies, and 1 lovely neck scarf, that happened to match my dress & lipstick perfectly. Afterwards, we went to the Arc store down the street and I bought 2 very “Pearl Harbor” and “The Notebook”-esque dresses and one nighttime robe {which I have been longing for since the beginning of the most recent season of Mad Men}.

Needless to say, we had a very successful trip! And if you like all things old, as I do, go to Flossy McGrew’s. You will be captivated.


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