A Spice for Life

I don’t work – well, I work, but not in the conventional way of thinking about “work”. I work at my house. I clean, I cook, I take care of kids, I paint and make sculptures… I keep the family going {that’s what my husband says, anyways}. With that being said, I am home – a LOT. I love doing what I do and being able to be there for school events, help with projects, watch the kids grow up, etc., but when the weekend comes I am READY to get out of the house. This has caused a teensy bit of an issue with husband – he’s out, driving all over Colorado all day, and when the weekend comes, he wants to stay home. All day.

No, thanks. I will take any opportunity to get out and enjoy the rest of civilization. The company Jason works for has many clients, and {thanks to my Dad} we were able to score some free tickets from one of the clients to the yearly Indian Powwow and Market at The Fort restaurant in Morrison, CO. Jason didn’t really want to go {really, he didn’t want to drive, which I don’t blame him – bless his heart}, but I coaxed him into it.

How many people do YOU know who have been to a real Indian Powwow? None? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ve been to a few, but knowing that Jason had never been, I was determined to be there. It’s so important to savor all that life gives to you and to jump in to new experiences. Different cultures are so beautiful, and seeing the pride that these people have for their heritage makes me proud of my Argentinean heritage. I think everyone should embrace where they come from, and delve deeper into their history.

Here’s a few photos from Sunday’s shindigs:

This beautiful eagle is blind, so they rescued her because she can’t hunt – that’s why she has a mask over her head.

PS They had an Indian Taco stand at the market, and we didn’t get any, but they looked delish. I will try to find a recipe and post it later. Hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂


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